Fuel cell electrodes

A Gas Diffusion Electrode (GDE) is a key component in fuel cells, where the required loading (metal per cm2) depends on the specific applications and product requirement. Through various research projects we have developed the competences to manufacture and thoroughly analyse, tailor-made GDE’s. The deposition technique is based on ultra-sonic spaying of a catalyst ink. Our developed process allows great flexibility in terms of ink composition, catalyst material and substrate selection, while including quality assurance in every step of the process. The electrodes are continuously being tested  and we have currently registered more than 2 million operating hours on fuel cell system level.


  • Deposition technique: automated ultrasonic spraying
  • Loading: 0.1 – 40 mg/cm2
  • Sizes: < 40 x 40 cm2
  • Standard substrates: carbon cloth or paper
  • Standard catalyst material: Pt/C or PtRu/C
  • Quality control methods: particle size distribution, viscosity, cyclic voltammetry, fuel cell testing.