Conductive nano metals

At Danish Technological Institute we produce cost effective functionalized silver and copper nanoparticles designed for printed electronics applications. We provide nanoparticles with controlled size ranging from 2-100 nanometers. The tailored capping materials are compatible with several solvents to optimize dispersion properties.


Through controlled filtration, dispersions in a number of solvents can be produced, meeting the needs of conductive ink manufacturers and at concentrations larger than 50 wt%. 


Our nanomaterials are suitable for conductive inks, nano catalysts, smart products and other nanotechnology applications. 

Facts about our nano silver and copper:
  • Size control between 10-500 nm
  • Wide range of organic capping agents
  • Wide range of solvents such as ethylene glycol, DBE, carbitol acetate and esters
  • Suitable for nanotechnology products, smart products, conductive inks and other nano materials.